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a sign - something special or different will happen.

banquet - dinner.

barn - on a farm a building for the animals and their food.

beast - animal.

breeze - wind.

buggy - it has a seat and 4 wheels and an animal pulls it while you ride in it.

champion - winner!

commotion and hullabaloo - lots of noise and things happening.

cottontail - a rabbit.

countryside - not the city, where farms are and not many houses or cars.

deserted - no one lives there.

despair / weary - sad and tired.

eery - scary, frightful!

exclaimed - to speak out loud and suddenly with feeling.

fame - you have done something special and everyone knows about it.

feast - meal.

flopped - dropped down on something.

frost-bitten - as cold as ice.

galloped / in a flash - ran fast.

gloomy - dark and scary.

great height - very tall.

greedy - they have a strong need to eat him.

hay - a yellow tall grass that farm animals eat.

helter-skeleter - run fast and not sure of where going, confused.

hide-and-go-seek - a game to look for someone or something, like the hunters looking for Harold.

howls and shrieks - ghostly noises and sounds, scary.

hunt / hunters - to kill animals, people who kill animals to eat them.

mansion - very big house.

modest and humble - nice, shy, quiet.

prediction - to say what you think will happen.

ravine - a small low place between 2 mountains.

spooky - scary.

thoroughbred - a fine race horse.

trotting - a slow run.

vegetable patch - the garden where you grow vegetables.

wailed - cried.

whoppin' - very, very, very!