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Welcome to Mrs. Upton's
ESL Class - Room 602
Guilderland Elementary School

his is the very hungry caterpillar!
Read this book-it is on our bookshelf.
Read about this author and other books he has written.

Tour the School Lunch Room
A Matching Quiz
Elmo will help you with your ABC's.               
Help Bert sort his bottle caps.
Elmo does not feel well and is going to the doctor
(Read his story and then tell a friend about  it).

Read what happens to this whoppin' big rabbit!
Click to learn about other books by Bill Peet...
Discovery Kids           
 Animal Planet has some cool things!

Play Games
All kinds of fun games to play!

For 5th Grade Noon Readers -
We have learned a lot about Helen Keller in her biography.
Can you spell your name in these two languages that Helen used?

American Sign Language
Braille Alphabet
 --The Web Guide for kids!

Brainboosters:  Three Little Pigs
Kids' On-Line Dictionary
What is the buzzword for today?
Read the definition and hear it).

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